6 AJR Songs That Discuss Topics Not Often Talked About in Music

Why you should consider adding these songs to your playlist.

Nicole Kenney


The Band AJR; Photo Source

I personally never idolized a lot of bands or music artists growing up, that is until I discovered AJR. I discovered them while driving down the highway at sunset with my best friend when she queued up one of their most popular songs “Weak”.

And if you’ve ever heard any of their songs, there’s no way to describe it other than unique. They can turn drums into trumpets, use choirs for harmonies, and the unconventional sounds of daily life to build their songs. They once used the sound of a door shutting to make a rhythm for one of their songs.

They’ve been my most-listened-to artist on Spotify for the past five years and seen them live in concert five times.

Needless to say, I’m a big fan.

Regardless of my feelings, their songs often don’t talk about the usual themes of music features such as partying and casual sex but rather deeper issues people experience. And if they do mention a generic topic in music, it usually connects to a larger message.

That being said, here is a list of AJR songs you may want to give a listen to the next time you're making your daily commute.

1. Birthday Party

Being the second single released from their album Neotheater, “Birthday Party” is definitely the most unique-sounding song on the list since it features in the background a choir of singing infants. Stay with me, it will make sense.

The song portrays being born and describes the innocent and naive mindset that comes with being a child. Many of the lyrics mention worries you wouldn’t think about as a child unless you were to experience it firsthand.

This hospital’s got lots of crying kids

A minute ago I did not exist

It’s nice to finally meet my relatives

I bet it’s always gonna stay this fun

I bet it’s easy staying ‘way from drugs

I bet our parents always stay in love

Always stay in love



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