I’m Tired and Angry

The variant already has the next predecessors lined up.

Nicole Kenney
4 min readAug 31, 2021


Recently, South Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Agency recorded at least two cases of the newest coronavirus strain, the delta plus variant.

Yes, you heard me right. The delta plus variant.

The delta variant has already proved itself to be stronger and more transmissible than the original virus. Regardless, delta has the United States by the throat anyways.

Florida is now dealing with more COVID-related deaths now than it did before the vaccine rolled out. Emergency rooms are turning away cancer patients due to the overcapacity hospitals are already facing. More and more children are filling up beds in the ICU.

It’s worse than it ever was before and your biggest concern is if this is all just a conspiracy theory.

I’ve always asked myself that if the world were to ever face a life-threatening disaster (such as a pandemic) how long would it take people to accept it? Would they ever come to terms with it or continue to live in denial?

Now, almost two years in, there were enough people ignoring science, fulfilling their own selfish needs, and preventing any chance this country had at obtaining herd immunity.

Their “rights” seemed to be more important to them than the public health and safety of the entire world.

Maybe you think I sound overdramatic, crazy, or another sheep just following the vaccine herd.

That’s probably because I’m a college student who has only had one “normal” year of college and I’m now a senior. I missed out on an experience I’ll never live through again. Maybe it’s because I just turned 22 and I feel like I’m wasting my best years isolating in my house. Maybe it’s because my immunocompromised mother is a healthcare worker and I fear for her safety from this virus on a daily basis.

I can’t do it anymore. Those of us following the rules have sacrificed our lives, time, and energy to people who quite literally only care about themselves.

Let me get this straight, for those of you choosing not to get the vaccine, which might I add is a privilege in and of itself to choose not to get it:



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