The Scream Killers: What Happened to Cassie Jo Stoddart?

When two aspiring filmmakers turn cynical.

Nicole Kenney
7 min readDec 8, 2023
Cassie Jo Stoddart’s High School Photo; Photo Source


Cassie Jo Stoddart was born on December 21, 1989, and resided with her family in Pocatello, Idaho.

She was your typical high school junior at Pocatello High School, where she met her boyfriend Matt Beckham, and two of his friends Brain Draper and Torey Adamcik.

Brian and Torey were known by classmates to be movie buffs and Brian was often seen with a video camera recording his day-to-day life. More specifically, the two friends were fans of horror movies and the “Scream” franchise.

As time went on, Brian and Torey wanted to make their version of “Scream”. But, they concluded the only way to make a good movie was to start murdering people. Leading up to Cassie’s murder, Brian frequently documented himself and Torey in Torey’s car conspiring the potential ways of murdering their victims.

Not only did they make this conscious decision, but began to romanticize the idea of becoming serial killers to each other. Brian and Torey can be heard saying on film:

Brian: We’re going for a high death count… we’re going to make history.

Torey: For all you FBI agents watching this, uhh, you weren’t…



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