Why You Should Admire This Upcoming Gaming Channel on YouTube

They’re the perfect example of what every content creator should be.

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As content creating platforms have grown more popular over the years, one subcategory that attracts an audience of millions is gaming. From reviews, to “Let’s Plays”, to streaming, to commentaries, and a plethora of other video ideas generate an endless amount of communities spread across an arsenal of consoles and games. In a sense, these video game content creators are creating a safe space for their audience to connect with each other the same shared interests of games.

However, because gaming takes such a massive chunk out of the content creating world, there’s a lot of people doing it. There’s a lot of people making a full time living off of it, there’s a lot of people attempting to start it, and there’s a lot of people trying to make a profit from it. With the sea of engagement everywhere you look on social media, it can be easy to get lost in the masses, especially if you’re trying to make it full time as a content creator.

Again, in a topic as broad as gaming and video games in general, it can be hard to make yourself stand out among the masses of other competition. Unfortunately, standing out in the creative industry involves a lot of high risk for a chance of a high reward choices, and without participating in that it can be hard to get your foot in the door.

But there’s this one couple from California that put their own twist on their content and it struck gold with their viewers. Girlfriend Reviews is a YouTube channel created by a couple names Shelby and Matt. They live together, have four adopted pets (two cats and two dogs) and are both huge fans of gaming. Underneath those things those, is they have the combined passions of making YouTube videos about their gaming. They uploaded their first three videos the week of November 19, 2018 and now in 2020, they have accumulated over a million subscribers.

You’re probably wondering, what makes this channel so different from other gaming channels? To put it simply, they did something that was completely different to what everyone else was doing. The premise behind Girlfriend Reviews is reviewing popular console games with a twist.

While Matt plays the game on a Twitch stream for their followers, Shelby reviews in their YouTube content the “backseat” gaming experience. In other words instead of reviewing what it’s like to play the game, she reviews what it’s like to watch someone else play the game in front of you. Shelby will go through the premise and basics of a game and talk about what was fun to what and what wasn’t Furthermore, she talks about small little details in games that may hinder her experience.

For example, Shelby talks about how the map sound effect in Breath of the Wild was annoying to listen to. Another video Shelby mentions that seeing the characters fight in Dead Cells looked like “diarrhea Christmas lights”.In their videos , this is someone who’s not playing the game and is just a witness. These are all details the gamer would probably never pick up on because they simply ignore it since their mind is already occupied. It’s a genius idea for content.

In addition to backseat gaming reviews being the foundation of their content, but they are also able to incorporate a plethora of other amazing qualities that makes their channel truly spectacular.

According to a dedicated video they made, the couple talked about their own contributions to their videos and their creation process. While Matt plays the games on Twitch, Shelby watches and gives side commentary. After completing a game, Matt will write out the video script with many of the punchlines inspired by Shelby. Shelby will then record her voiceover of the written script and Matt will begin editing the footage together and upload the final product. They were 100% meant to do this as their job.

It is also worth mentioning the two of them both are in the best way qualified to be making this their full time job. Shelby got an education and grew up training in musical theatre, while Matt had been professionally editing videos for several years at this point.

This creative couple are the epitome of following the secret/magic/sometimes lucky formula of standing out and taking your craft in a different direction. They took a topic that already has a large following but covered a unique subtopic (such as watching a video game being played) that is so overlooked, yet found in plain sight.

It hasn’t even been two years since Girlfriend Reviews uploaded their first video and as mentioned before they already have over one million subscribers. And it doesn’t look like their growth it’s going to stop anytime soon.

I hope to see more podcasts, YouTube channels, and Twitch streams following a uniqueness like this one in the future. Standing out from the crowd can truly be something as simple as covering a topic that is often overlooked. And more often than not, most of these content ideas are things we would think someone would have already covered by now. All in all, I think that’s why it strikes a chord with me.

They truly made something innovative by taking a basic idea and giving it their own unique twist. But what truly makes this couples’ journey so incredible, is that this can truly happen to anyone.

We all have it in us, as artists we just have to find it.

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College Student in Media Communications. True Crime Fan.

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